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The Evolving Nature of Chinese International Students

Sunday, June 25, 2017 5:45 PM

Island Wok Restaurant

801 Vernon Ave, Victoria, V8X2W8, Victoria, BC

(Between Uptown Centre and Gateway Village)

International Education programs, both private and public, have become big business in Canada, as well as in the rest of the Western world, with the number of participants increasing steadily. For instance, less than a decade ago, the Sooke school district had only 3 students from China, who represented less than 1% of the district’s international student body. Today the Chinese represent 30-40% of Sooke’s now much larger international student population.

The economic benefits of International Education in Canada are enormous, with billions of dollars of revenue generated every year. But are the benefits to Canadians restricted solely to the monetary? Of course not. Non-monetary benefits abound. No price tag can be put on cross-cultural understanding and friendship.

We hope you will join us on Sunday, June 25th, to hear Nancy Blundell share some of her recent experiences recruiting students in China. Nancy, who’s manager of the Sooke School District’s International Student Program, will also share other personal experiences and insights on the subject of The Evolving Nature of Chinese International Students. Come ready to listen, to ask questions and to also share some of your own experiences with students from China. If you are a student from China, we especially welcome you!


Visitors, members and new members are always welcome at our dinners.

Cost for the dinner (includes buffet, tax, gratuity, our own separate room): $22

Cash or cheque only, please.

RSVP: Please email Carol to by Fri., June 23 at latest (if possible).

Membership in the VCCFA:

For those interested in membership in the VCCFA (Victoria Canada-China Friendship Association), the fee for an individual is $15/year, or for a family $20/year. Membership can be purchased at the dinner.

Typically we meet on the last Sunday evening of the month from January-June, then from September-November, at a local restaurant. Our members range from about 12 years of age to 90.

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