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Shanghai at Dusk
Fostering friendship and understanding
Between the peoples of Canada
And the peoples of China since 1965

The Federation of Canada-China Friendship Associations is the umbrella for the six CCFAs in Canada. We work closely with our sister association in China, the Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.  Every two years, representatives from CCFAs across Canada join with friendship groups from the Pacific Rim Countries as guests of the CPAFFC.  The purpose of these gatherings is to discuss the role and importance of friendship and to learn about some aspects of Chinese society not revealed in general tourism.


Some of our Victoria Chapter's Past Accomplishments

- Joined with other organizations to place pressure on the Canadian government to officially recognize the People's Republic of China.

- Supported Chinese students coming to Canada - welcomed them into our homes and offered them annual bursaries to the University of Victoria.

- Organized and led tours to China.

- Provided a public venue (at dinner meetings) for Chinese cultural presentations and talks from experts on China.

- Donated to disaster relief funds, small rural schools, dental care and eye care in China.

- Donated to the Sun Yet Sen Gardens, the Victoria Chinese Hospital, the B.C. Children's Hospital, the Victoria Conservatory of Music, the Victoria Symphony, Pearson College, the Trans-Canada Trail (to commemorate the Chinese who worked to build the Canadian railroad) plus other worthwhile projects in Canada and China.

Looking to the Future

Since the inception of our Association, enormous changes have occurred in both Canada and the People's Republic of China.  In recognizing these great changes, we are mindful of the need to build on our past and also to see new ways in which to continue the fostering of friendship and understanding between the peoples of Canada and the peoples of China.


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